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About Us

About Us

"We Get Businesses Sold"

IBG/Fox & Fin is a financial advisory company that facilitates the mergers and acquisitions of privately held, middle-market companies – with a sharp focus on businesses in the western U.S. that have annual sales between $5 million and $125 million.

While our ultimate objective is business sales, IBG/Fox & Fin is truly a financial and M&A advisory company.

Ideally, we create relationships with business owners two or more years before their company is ready to sell, to assist in building business value, maximize our knowledge of the business, and more readily identify the best-fit buyers for your company.

IBG/Fox & Fin’s mission as M&A advisors and business brokers has remained the same since we began in 1993: to give you the highest level of expertise and service and to support your business growth and liquidity objectives.

Our experience, network and proven process help you receive maximum value in the sale of your company.

In carrying out our mission, we remain faithful to three all-encompassing values: professionalism, passion and performance.
A Fox & Fin Deal: Phoenix M&A Advisors, Business Brokers
Since 1993, M&A lawyers and CPAs have come to recognize the priceless qualities of a “Fox & Fin deal”:
  • Reliability, integrity and fairness
  • Good faith
  • Real value for both buyer and seller
  • A closing rate three times the industry average
When your attorney or CPA learns that you are considering a Fox & Fin deal, they can be confident that you and they can rely on the information we give you ... the opportunity reflects integrity, accuracy and fairness ... both parties are likely to negotiate and conduct their due diligence in good faith ... and the business being sold has real value, from both sides of the table.
From day one, IBG/Fox & Fin has been and remains fiercely committed to providing the highest level of professionalism in every engagement we undertake.   

To us, “professionalism” means:
  • recognizing and understanding the emerging trends in business valuation, marketing techniques, research tools and deal structuring, incorporating ideas from both Wall Street and Main Street;
  • continually refining how we reach and motivate highly qualified buyers;
  • achieving the highest level of accreditation and continuing education from our profession’s largest association, the International Business Brokers Association;
  • acting with integrity in all respects, at all times, including being prepared, honoring commitments and providing the honest counsel you need (even when it’s not what you want to hear).
In business, nothing great happens in the absence of passion. At IBG/Fox & Fin we believe that passion is absolutely essential to your success and ours.

In few other industries are the stakes as high as in business sales and acquisitions. Everyone involved must be prepared to ride an emotional roller coaster while staying focused on the ultimate goal. Stress is part of the deal, but it is passion that fuels our tenacity to keep a deal moving past roadblocks.
IBG/Fox & Fin’s ability to achieve your goals is the true measure of our value. The focus that is required in achieving your goals forces us to be very discerning in accepting engagements to sell or buy a business.

To ensure that are attention is not divided, and our energy is not diluted, we typically accept less than half of the engagements offered. In other words, we do not compromise our standards or your objectives by overextending our capacity or accepting engagements we can’t successfully complete.

By accepting fewer clients, we can focus more properly on you, provide a higher level of service, and more thoroughly craft a deal that best fits your objectives.
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