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Superior Methods Yield Superior Business Sales Results

In an industry where only one in five businesses marketed is actually sold, Fox & Fin’s closing rate of profitable business sales is more than three times the M&A industry average.

At IBG/Fox & Fin, you benefit from the innovation and original thinking we continually build into our practices, such as the IBG/Fox & Fin Process™, a methodology expressly developed to help your business bring top dollar. It’s the result of our more than 75 years of combined experience and involvement in the sale of more than 500 companies.

Our approach to selling businesses is inspired by a simple, yet powerful, proposition:
If we target the best-qualified, best-fit buyers,
and present your business in its best light,
the result will be the highest value
the market will pay for your business.
Stated another way, in identifying, targeting and communicating with prospective buyers, we use a rifle, not a shotgun. As a consequence, because we work the process for you, you can rest assured in the knowledge that, when the deal is done, you will have achieved maximum value for your company, accomplished your objectives in selling, and left no money on the table.
 Your Motives and Objectives
Among the valuable qualities of The IBG/Fox & Fin Process is our “big picture” examination of your business and your motives in selling. It helps you formulate solid answers to key questions, including:
  • What am I trying to accomplish in selling my business?
  • Are my objectives realistic?
  • Is now the right time to sell? Or should I wait?
  • What changes, if any, in my business will maximize its value and help me achieve my objectives?
Also, the IBG/Fox & Fin Process helps you recognize what is most important to you in selling your business. It may be price … or it may be something else.

Perhaps more important are the terms of the sale and how the deal is structured, so that, when the deal is done and all of the taxes and selling costs are paid, you maximize what you put in your pocket.

Or perhaps you have non-monetary concerns, such as ensuring that your company’s new owner shares your business values and will take good care of your employees and customers and preserve your company’s reputation and standing in the community.
IBG/Fox & Fin Business Sales - M&A Advisors, Business Brokers
Business Broker vs. M&A Advisor vs. Investment Banker: Do You Know the Difference?
More important, do you know which one is the best fit for achieving the goals you have for your particular transaction? Here’s how to tell them apart:
  • Business Broker: Handles the purchase and sale of businesses with up to $2 million in sales. 
  • M&A Advisor: Focuses on larger, middle-market companies with annual sales ranging from $2 million to $75 million. IBG/Fox & Fin is a leader among M&A advisors. 
  • Investment Banker: Works with larger companies, from the upper range of the middle market to the largest, multibillion-dollar corporations. Investment bankers often provide additional financial services, including private placements of debt or equity, and public stock offerings.
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