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Your Team

Your Team

The Power of Teamwork

One of the important qualities that distinguish IBG/Fox & Fin from other members of the M&A industry is our team approach to selling your business.
Our professionals are not self-sustaining “gunslingers” who simply share space and compete with each other for opportunities.

On the contrary, each of us is a former business owner and senior executive who brings unique and valuable knowledge, experience and insight to every engagement. Effectively coordinated, that combination produces the best ideas and results for you. 

Well-managed teamwork yields important resources at critical points. For example, getting a fast turnaround on offering memoranda, conducting initial prospect interviews after a marketing push, or delivering rapid offer analysis often requires an all-hands effort. You deserve, and you will get, the best we have to offer. Your access to the entire IBG/Fox & Fin team delivers on that commitment.
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